Bio medical ethics

Write an argumentative essay on Bio medical ethics: Medicine and capital punishment. Needs to be 10 pages. Please no plagiarism.Association (AMA) has strong opinion about the ethical challenges on chemical castration, but its proprietary and coherence remained subject of debate amongst pro and anti-chemical castration. The advocates of the latter contend that it is a violation of the Eighth Amendment which protects the dignity of men. Using analytical and philosophical discourse, this study will tackle the ethical dilemma associated with chemical castration as a punitive and treatment for those criminally adjudged child molesters or rapist.The increasing recidivism of sexual offenders prompted authorities to introduce an approach to enforce programs of chemical castration, a medical treatment that induce the reduction of prurient interests or sexual deviancy amongst rapists or child molesters. The medical application includes Norplant implant, administering cypoterone, diethystilbestrol, an anti-androgen, medroxyprogesterone acetate or the Depo-Provera injectable birth control among others, but when injected to males, can reduce sex-drives (Meisenkothen, 1999). Medical experts posit that chemical castration refers to medication aimed at reducing sexual appetite. This is introduced to persons convicted of rape or of child molestation. Experts professed that chemical castration is reversible when treatment is stopped, albeit facts that the intervention has physical effects to whom it is introduced (Rondeaux, 2006).This is different to surgical castration because it does not include incision and removal of testes (Rondeaux, 2006. Bradford, 1993. de Sweemer-Ba, 1993). It’s simply the injection of medicines to lower testosterone and reduce sex drives.As a consequence of this penal policy, convicts can only be freed from confinements after acquiescing to this procedure. otherwise theyd remain in prison. It’s even viewed as an alternative to penalties that will cover reclusion perpetua to death penalty (Rondeaux, 2006. Bradford, 1993. de Sweemer-Ba, 1993). This is now adopted as a matter

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