Bilingual Education

Each of the thematic sections is a discussion about a different subject. Look through the different subjects and choose one that appeals to you. Read all of the articles on that subject/topic.

While reading, read actively. This means you must read slowly, rereading difficult passages and taking notes on questions and ideas that cross your mind. You will need a highlighter and a pen. While reading, highlight passages from the texts and write notes next to them. These notes can be any of your thoughts, whether you agree, disagree, have questions, or qualifications.

Write three quotes that you highlighted.

Note the article, author, and page number.

After the quote, write down your notes or thoughts about the passage.

Each of your three entries will look something like this:

Carter, Phillip M. “Why This Bilingual Education Ban Should Have Repealed Long Ago.””Millions of Spanish-speaking immigrant students lost the opportunity to learn or retain valuable literacy skills in Spanish while they acquired English. And, millions of California-born Latinos who enrolled in school with the gift of native bilingualism would later leave school unable to read and write in Spanish.”Comment: I felt this comment reflects the biggest flaw with English-only instruction. In trying to solve one problem it actually creates two by hampering the student’s ability to learn a new language and not encouraging a skill (being bilingual) which is really important to have, especially in California.

With the Hispanic population in America continuing to grow, it seems important to have Spanish as a second language.The point of this assignment is to find out what you might have to add to the conversation. It will help you come up with possible claims in your next assignment.Please write three quotes and comments that you made during your reading.

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