Attracting Clients to the Establishment

Write 9 pages with APA style on Attracting Clients to the Establishment. The center has adopted an experience design approach for promoting the destination as a preferred tourist attraction. With a myriad of activities that someone can undertake at Stratford Upon Avon, the focus on visitor experience seeks to ensure the center increases the number of visitors by improving the experience. This has been ensured through the improvement of the services offered within the destination in seeking to ensure the visitors have good and memorable experiencesThe experience of tourists can be described as a fundamental element that affects the decision made by individuals regarding visiting different locations. Application of the visitor experience in marketing seeks to ensure that individuals who visit the Stratford Upon Avon always come back as ways of popularising the destination among visitors. The application of experience marketing seeks to ensure that word of mouth can be used in the advertisement of the destination (Cooper & Hall, 2008). Tourism and travel are commonly based on the need to experience certain services that are provided by the various establishments operating within the industry. The authenticity of the tourist destination is the selling element for a particular destination. Through a series of activities and products which have been developed, the attraction has been able to create a unique element that has become the focus of the experience for the visitors.Many popular tourist destinations have increasingly focused on the provision of excellent services and facilities all aimed at enhancing the tourist experience. This is mainly because satisfaction within the tourism industry comes as a result of the experience and not the facilities or services provided. Experience within the tourism industry can be produced from any aspect within the attraction. All these focus on different parameters of the user experience in order to ensure they become repeat clients for the establishment.The experience scape within this contexts focuses on the provision of services which meet the expectation of the clients.

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