Are great leaders born or made

Leadership: Are great leaders born or made. The essay is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.It is important to know whether leadership is a talent or a skill.If the leadership is a talent, then it is an inborn quality as talents are intrinsic, but if leadership is a skill, then it can be obtained by rapacious learning, continuous practice, training, experience and reading. If the leadership is a talent, true leaders are born, but if it is a skill, true leaders are made. Is true leadership born or manufactured?

This is a timeless as the age old controversy about the chicken and the egg. To cut to the discussion, the answer is: “mostly made.” Great leaders are made since leadership is a skill that can be leant through education, continuous practice, training, and experiences. Great leaders develop/advance through a never-ending process of self-study and complete education.

Are true leaders born or made? To cut to the debate, the answer is: “mostly made.” Research conducted over time has shown that qualities of leadership are about one third born and two thirds made. The job of leading nation, military unit, or an organization, and doing it efficiently, is fantastically complex. The complexity of human knowledge on processes and social groups makes it hard to believe that a person can be born with all the qualities needed to lead no sense at all. It is true that leadership traits are mostly made. That is good news for the people involved in leadership development. An interview with some leaders revealed that great leaders gathered their prowess through challenging assignments.Others point out to critical incidents from their youths while others pointed to working with great bosses or mentors who natured them. According to Forbes journal, the most powerful and effective way to grow as a leader is by becoming truly self-aware (Erikaa). The article also explains that becoming self-aware means cultivating (on a daily basis) an accurate sense of how a person shows up in the world and……

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