Applied Buyer Behaviour in Global Context

Need an argumentative essay on Applied Buyer Behaviour in Global Context. Needs to be 8 pages. This research will begin with the statement that the ‘Keep Walking’ advertisement by Johnnie Walker uses dual and complex image branding to create purposes for the product.&nbsp. Elements of tradition and heritage form the pictorial basis of the development. First, the golden striding man within the video is a critical sign used in the branding of products from the Johnnie Walker brand line. The main character is male and is inferred from subsequent codes through the style of clothing and tall hat alongside the stick. The elements define dressing styles from the British heritage of the 19th century and signify tradition and high social statuses. The man is presented as walking through presumably confident and the fast pace is a symbol of impacting confidence in the unpredictable future. Further, the text running on the screen is a signifier of elegance, tradition, and success as the golden color refers to wealth. The white and clear font comprising of the taglines illustrates the contemporariness and future for which there are reservations of subtlety and tradition. Black background within the video accompanies the text signifies the uncertainty and has an arguable opposition to the courage that is inspired by a striding man. While signs have several fixed and essential meanings, the video narrows down to the context of possible interpretations. There are specific levels where the commercial depicts differences in terms of interpretation.

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