Apostrophe errors

1. Identify the apostrophe errors, if any, in the following sentences:I went to a hardware store and bought one of Black’s and Decker’s new tools.Have you read Robert Burns’s poem “To a Louse”?We could barely see through the bus’ filthy windows.

2. Correct the apostrophe errors in the following paragraph to make it grammatically correct: The jury deliberated for over 14 hours before it reached it’s verdict. The jury found Mr. Schlobotnik guilty of manslaughter despite his defense team’s contentions that the district attorney had not made a case for that charge. The district attorneys post-trial statement included praise for the key witnesses courage in facing the accused in open court. “They’re real heroes, and we thank them for their strength and patience,” she asserted.

3. Write three separate sentences in which you correctly write the titles of: a short poem a novel   a play

4. Read the following paragraph: Edinburgh, Scotland is an interesting place.  One of the sites to visit is the Sir Walter Scott Monument in the heart of the city. It has a tower 200 feet, six inches high, with a series of viewing platforms at the top of spiral staircases. Bill Bryson has described it as having the appearance of a gothic rocket ship. The monument, dedicated to the author of such novels as “Ivanhoe” and “Waverley,” took six years to complete. Almost as impressive in Edinburgh is a small, circular temple dedicated to the poet Robert Burns, the author of such classics as A Red, Red Rose and Auld Lang Syne. Edinburgh was voted “European Destination of the Year” in 2012.

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