Anishinabe peoples and the clan system

Anishinabe peoples and the clan system. Paper must be at least 1000 words. The institutions of social services, justice, community development, property and civil rights, customs law, educational and health services were among the institutions orderly managed by Anishinabe Clan System (Sitting, 2003). The institutions as they were well managed reflected the original values which promoted the well-being of a common man.

The system offered a great law which presented both forms of social and political governance clearly. Therefore, people could not contradict in either social or political ideas. The system presented a way of dealing with social and political differences harmoniously. It was an effective system of administering both structure of governance and social order in the society.

Furthermore, its spiritual importance cannot be underestimated. It was a system where spiritual policies could be applied when there is a need to reconcile conflicting parties in the society. Through application of its policies and principles, the system continued to function and support all the people and was important in fulfilling their pursuits and needs. Even though, times changed, the clan system continued being strong and became key to the strength of Ojibway people. People could identify themselves with the clan systems. It defined the people’s unity and identity, and at the same time maintained integrity, personal identity and dignity of the people.

The clan System, apart from providing leadership and governance to Ojibway people, it also gave a chance to the people to actively participate in the governance decisions and the concerns of their needs. The people through the Clan System could also actively compel the policies that could derail their rights and freedoms (James, 2007).The governance was well organized and the hierarchy was well defined. Each clan was given a place and designated a role to play in the society. The clan meets regularly depending on the…

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