Analysing enterprise operations

Analysing enterprise operations(individual case study report). The essay is to be 4 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.This report analyses the flow of operations or processes using flow chart of an individual that is planning to go for vacations to Athens from Birmingham. In addition to this, the report identifies the key issues that could influence the trip of the individual as well as identifying bottlenecks that could influence the process. At the end of the report, recommendations have been given.This report is used to show how flow chart can be helpful in every day to day operations and decisions that an individual makes. As the report has been prepared using a case of an individual going for vacations from Birmingham to Athens therefore the main aims and objectives of the report are:Issues in any processes can halt the speed and successful accomplishment of that process. Therefore identification of key issues is important to make sure that the objective is achieved. The key issues that have been identified are:There are certain processes in different things whatever an individual or any organisation do which can pause the overall process and until this process or step is not solved, the operations cannot continue. These steps or blockages are called the ‘Bottlenecks’ (Schonberger, & Knod, 1991).The bottlenecks can stop or halt the process or operations and therefore it is important for anyone using flow chart to identify bottlenecks and try to reduce the impact of these bottlenecks so that the flow of the operations is fine. Bottlenecks are basically the blockages that can hurt the flow and therefore can increase the overall time of the operations than estimated (Schemenner, 1984).Bottlenecks in the process of vacation to Athens are finding the right time to go for vacations as this could halt the overall process. For instance, if the individual is an employee then he would need to get the approval of the employer for holidays and then finalise the dates of the trip. Similarly, other bottleneck of the process is of

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