Afghanistan and Pakistan Provinces and tribal areas

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Borderlands and Borderlands: Afghanistan and Pakistan Provinces and tribal areas.cess of doing so, various question shall be answered which would include. what factors make this region prone to militancy, terrorism, drug trafficking and insurgency, what factors contributes to the setback facing Pakistan and the international community effort to secure this area? How are all these factors related to the geography of this area? What has the international community done to secure this area?This study shall proceed on the hypothesis that various overlapping factors, and not one, combine to make the region threat to national, regional and international security. This study shall proceed on the premise that this region is the most dangerous place on earth currently. The study shall also be premised on the hypothesis that the security status in this region has been blown out of proportion by the international media. Consequently, it shall be the objective of the study to unearth unique factors unique to this region that play a role towards making this region the most dangerous place on earth. This study shall also be based on the hypothesis that the autonomy and the inaccessibility in this region are the foremost contributing factors.The above outline has drawn to group the works by commonalities so as to enhance automatic achievements of the objectives. It starts with a broad introduction into the area. Thereafter, the broad geography of this region is discussed, before wallowing into the more particular essence of the study that is theSecurity status of the region and its implications at the local, regional and international level, before finally dwelling on the objectives of the study that is to conspicuously bring out the causes of insecurity in the area. The work has been structured to begin with the general areas, before delving in detail to the essence of the study.The borderlands of Afghanistan and Pakistan and Pakistan’s Federally Administered area of Pakistan (FATA) have been labeled as the most hazardous place on earth ( Johnson &

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