Activity-based costing system

Owen, Inc..,manufactures bookcases and uses an activity-based costing system. Owen’s activity areas and related data follow: Requirement 1. Compute the manufacturing product cost per unit of each type of bookcase. Standard and unfinished.(complete all input boxes. round answers to the nearest whole dollar.) Requirement 2. Suppose that pre manufacturing activities, such as product design, were assigned to the standard bookcase at $5 each and to the unfinished bookcase at $4 each. Similar analyses were conducted of post manufacturing activities such as distribution, marketing, and customer service. The post manufacturing cost were $22 per standard bookcase. Compute the full product costs per unit.                                                                                                                 

Standard Bookcase                                                            

Unfinished Bookcase

Direct materials                                                            

materials handling                                                       



Total manufacturing cost


2. Compute the full product costs per unit.                                                                                                                  Standard bookcase  

Unfinished Bookcase

Pre Manufacturing activities

Manufacturing activities

Post Manufacturing activities

Owen, Inc. Manufactures bookcases and uses an activity-based costing system Requirement 1:Direct Materials Material Handling(80,000.90/ 84,000.90) Assembly(3,10015/ 2,20015) Finishing…

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