A True, Authentic Hero in Tartuffe and Candide

Write a 3 page essay on A True, Authentic Hero in Tartuffe and Candide.In my teens, I used to consider the Undertaker as my hero because of his charisma and ability to conquer the ring as a wrestler. I used to enjoy a lot, watching him wrestle people in the ring, seldom losing to his opponents. Nevertheless, he was never perfect just like any other human being. After growing up, I realized that there are people greater heroes. This is because, despite Undertaker being a great wrestler, he is not actually worthy of adoration today. The scenario, I believe, is the same for Fernando Alonzo who was once an admired racist but who currently are experiencing a lot of challenges.In my opinion, a true hero is an individual who does what is right and good without expecting a reward, despite the outcome. He/she is also one who is brave and never gives up the fight to help others around him/her. I concur with Abraham Lincoln’s views on who a true hero is. Lincoln stated that a true hero is one who destroys the ego illusion, which upholds the legitimacy and usefulness of killing and revenge. Lincoln argued that an authentic hero is one who dismantles the assistance of ego in retaliation, while real heroes are those who are highly creative to fight and transform the enemy (Richo 272). At times one may become a hero by winning a war against his or her enemies. Nevertheless, I do not consider one a hero by merely winning a war. A true hero forgives the enemy. Nelson Mandela is one of my long-time true and authentic heroes. He fought tirelessly for the rights of his people and was even jailed several years only later to become the President of South Africa. In his tenure as president, he did not punish his adversaries. instead, he chose to forgive them and led his people in the direction of truth and reconciliation. He is, therefore, a true hero in my view.There are quite a number of characters in Tartuffe and Candide that I consider heroes.

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