A healthy reproducing body

Critically discuss the optimal conditions required to achieve a healthy reproducing body.’ Your answer should consider biologi. The work is to be 8 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Critically discussing the optimal conditions, the paper thus evaluates biological, nutritional, psychological and sociological factors as the primary conditional requirements of having a healthy reproducing body. Biological Context Reproductive health frames a crucial part in overall development of a human. Healthy reproductive system is often signified as a reflection associated with health during childhood. Gradually, at the stage of adolescence and adulthood, this health issue becomes a crucial concern for an individual. Contextually, it becomes a major issue to be considered as it incorporates stages associated with health beyond the reproductive years of human and severely affects the next generation. Critically, it has been observed that health problems associated with the reproductive system of humans usually commences during the procreative years. Furthermore, considering few health articles related to healthy reproductive body, it has been observed that in the year 2002, 12% of women reported about not being able to conceive, who were also diagnosed with health issues during their procreative years. This signifies a correlation between the two factors, i.e. the health issues suffered during the procreative years and the ability to conceive among women. Articles also provided an insight about biological disorders such as fibroid, endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome among other causes of infertility (Medicine Net Incorporation, 2013). Concerning health issues related to reproductive system in males, 60% of males around the world, were recorded to be facing testicular cancer as per the reports of 2003 (Medicine Net Incorporation, 2013). Moreover, it has been revealed through scientific research that disorders within the reproductive system of males reduce the sperm counts, which ultimately hinders the effective process of the male reproductive system. Correspondingly, all these aforementioned causes of health issues and disorder resulting from the inefficient functioning of human reproductive system entail certain biological conditions to ensure healthy reproduction body. To be mentioned, endometriosis is commonly referred as a disease, which signifies the abnormal growth of the ovarian cells resulting in infertility. Physical examination and proper medication is necessary to cure this disease, which lays positive impacts on a healthy reproductive body. It has commonly been observed that healthcare practitioners opt for surgery to cure endometriosis (Medicine Net Incorporation, 2013). Similar to endometriosis in female reproductive systems, testicular cancer is being identified as a greater rate among men in the current scenario. It is conceptually defined as a disease, which obstructs the male reproduction system from proper functioning. As per medical practitioners, immediate medical aid is required for this disease, as it may further lead to life threat of the patient.

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