A Capstone Experience

A Capstone Experience introduction 1.First, the company has to identify projects for change. The management has to prioritize what needs immediate attention. Such case is more successful if the company consults with as many people as possible. The feedback for each person will determine the plans that would serve the firm better (Bryson, 2011).

Secondly, the company has to develop an effective communication plan. The communication strategy has to be easily adapted by the whole company. A good communication strategy will make it easy for all employees to understand the proposed project. Additionally, the management will get the feedback in time.

The third step is to eliminate implementation barriers. Most of these barriers are the people who do not welcome the change in the firm. Moreover, executives who insist on other employees to implement change are barriers. Such executives are not sure about the change and fear any form of risks. There should be extra time to deal with potential resistance to eliminate the challenge (Hawkins, 2012).

The last step is to develop a good change plan. The company needs to formulate a simple and clear vision for its goals. Additionally, it is important to design an action plan. After all this has taken place, the firm then sets timeframes for implementation.

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